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Meet Our Team

Alicia C. Simpson MS, RD, IBCLC, LD

Founder and Executive Director
Registered Dietitian, Lactation Consultant and SOS Feeding Therapist

Alicia has an unparalleled passion for maternal and pediatric nutrition that led her to found Pea Pod Nutrition and Lactation Support, Inc. in 2012. Her passion for nutrition started early in life as a child growing up in the agricultural town of Fresno, California. There she grew up on fresh, local produce grown in her family’s fruit and vegetable garden and the many gardens and farms nearby. Her parents raised her with an appreciation for health, nutrition and the importance of fueling your body with wholesome foods. Alicia moved from California to Virginia to her “home by the sea” Hampton University to pursue a degree in Marketing. After graduating from Hampton University Alicia entered corporate America as a saleswoman. Although she excelled in her career she felt something was missing. An avid reader since her childhood, Alicia dove head first into any book, article, blog, or scientific journal she could get her hands on that dealt with public health and nutrition. Finally, Alicia decided to make the shift from a corporate sales career to that of public health and nutrition earning her Master’s degree in Nutrition from Georgia State University as well as her second bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Georgia State University. Alicia has a burning need to answer the “why’s” in life and her question of “why do African American mothers have the lowest rate of breastfeeding in the United States?” fueled the research behind her master’s thesis titled Sociocultural Barriers To Breast Feeding In African American Women With Focused Intervention To Increase Prevalence and spurred her involvement in the field of lactation. Her original thesis research was also the catalyst behind the creation of Pea Pod Nutrition and Lactation Support.

Alicia is active in her community as a volunteer with La Leche League International (Georgia Chapter), Vice President and Board Member of Gluten Intolerance Group of Atlanta and Chair of the Membership Committee for the United States Lactation Consultants Association (USCLA) . She is also the author of 3 bestselling cookbooks and her new bestselling book Boost Your Breastmilk: An All In One Guide for Nursing Mothers to Build a Healthy Milk Supply. Her most important role is that of mother to her vibrant and energetic daughter.

Alicia works at both the Atlanta and Decatur offices.

Carlie Adams RD, LD, IBCLC

Registered Dietitian and Lactation Consultant

Carlie was born and raised in Queens, New York and spent her early adult years living in Brooklyn working as a Pharmacy Technician. After 13 years of working in pharmacy she realized that instead of helping to treat disease she wanted to focus on disease prevention by educating her community about nutrition. Carlie relocated to Georgia in 2004 to pursue a degree in Dietetics.

Carlie holds a B.S. in Dietetics from the University of Georgia and is a registered dietitian (RD), Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) and is currently working towards becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Carlie has over 5 years of experience as a Clinical Nutritionist for the WIC program specializing in lactation, pediatric and maternal nutrition. Carlie enjoys educating families about early childhood development and eating behaviors. She is also extremely passionate about empowering women to breastfeed and advocating for the normalization of breastfeeding in Georgia and throughout the United States.

In her free time Carlie practices yoga and the martial art Aikido.  She also enjoys photography, studying early childhood development and breastfeeding, spending time with her friends, family and taking long walks with her dog Brooklyn.

Carlie works out of both the Atlanta and Decatur offices.

Teryn Keller MS, RD, LD

Registered Dietitian

Teryn believes proper nutrition begins before pregnancy and can exist through every stage of life. Teryn was born in Seoul, South Korea and was raised with a diverse diet full of different flavors and spices. Her mother is Korean and has always modeled eating a plant-based diet including a variety of fruits and vegetables. Growing up in Georgia, she noticed not everyone was raised the same way she was. Her positive relationship with food strayed off course during adolescence because of the mixed messages regarding nutrition, the differentiation between “good” and “bad” foods, and diet culture. Teryn began studying Journalism and Nutrition Science at The University of Georgia. After a few years working at an advertising agency, Teryn felt something was missing and decided to go back to school to become a registered dietitian (RD). She wanted to get back into her passion of nutrition and helping others. Teryn completed her dietetic internship and Master’s degree in Nutrition from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. Her thesis research titled Effects of Advertising Methods on Sixth-Grade Population focused on increasing student fruit selection and consumption in the school lunch room. Teryn doesn’t classify foods as “good” or “bad” but believes all foods fit. Teryn approaches every client interaction with an individualized approach to build healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits on the journey to find one’s best status of health.

In her spare time, Teryn loves attending classes at Highland Yoga, discovering new restaurants with friends along the beltline, and relaxing at home with a good home-cooked meal and her cat, Dexter.

Christina Brumme MPH, RD, LD

Registered Dietitian

Christina is fascinated by the dynamic nature of childhood nutrition. A California native, Christina grew up in a culture that placed emphasis on dishes created around a diversity of fruits and vegetables with a wide variety of flavors. After graduating with her Bachelor in Nutrition from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Christina was able to backpack through Southeast Asia and tried new foods everywhere she went. She then worked in nutrition clinics in Malawi where she helped local nurses screen children for malnutrition and provide ready to use therapeutic food. Following this position, Christina moved to Atlanta to complete her Master of Public Health in Nutrition, with a certificate in Maternal and Child Health and a focus on adolescent health at Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health. After successful completion of her dietetic internship in the Atlanta area, Christina took a position working with a school system in Georgia. These experiences have afforded her the opportunity to fully understand the “Southern diet.” Christina believes that all foods can be part of a healthy diet and that a dietitian’s role is to educate individuals and families to help them achieve their health goals.

When she is not cooking a new recipe, Christina enjoys running on the Silver Comet Trail and doing yoga. She also enjoys exploring new restaurants around the city with her fiancé and spending time at home with her two dogs.

Faye Harris, CLC

Breastfeeding Educator

Faye Harris is a native of Decatur, GA and fell in love with nursing when her second experience did not mirror her first. She has 3 children and once she realized different variables affect the breastfeeding dyad she became interested in learning more. Growing up her mom nursed all 7 of her siblings and she remembers watching the youngest, currently 30 years old, being breastfed. After birthing her own children she used those memories as a way to nurture and bond with her own children.

Faye has assisted breastfeeding moms professionally on peer to peer levels both virtually and in person and enjoys helping moms feed, nurture and bond with their children. She enjoys encouraging moms to their comfort level, loves teaching the science behind breastfeeding and helping them learn about milk production. Faye is studying to be a postpartum doula so she can assist moms and babies with adjusting to life outside the womb. Faye holds a BA in Business Management and a MBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management from Colorado Technical University. She unschools her children and takes them to the park almost everyday.

Bonya Matthews MPH, CLC

Breastfeeding Educator

Bonya was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia coming from a healthy and active household, where gardening and fresh meals were made weekly, she found her passion for health and nutrition at a young age.  Bonya believes through health education and interventions the quality of life can be improved. After starting her family she had a desire for helping other new moms. Bonya has assisted new moms working in local hospitals and WIC clinics as a peer counselor. She has also volunteered with the La Leche League.
Bonya is passionate about chronic disease prevention and education. Bonya has given healthy food demonstration and participated in Health Lunch and Learn Speakers bureau. Bonya enjoys talking and listening to people. She has conducted focus groups and interviews regarding breast health and lactation.  Her Master’s thesis was on Mammography. She has spent time learning about all aspects of breast health and function.  She received her training from Emory University, Medical College of Georgia, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). She has experience writing and producing health materials and health web content.   Bonya Matthews is a public health educator and author.
In her free time, Bonya enjoys spending time with family, friends,  reading, good food, music, and outdoor activities. Bonya also enjoys traveling!

Morgan Barnes

Healthy Families Program Coordinator

Morgan was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia where she graduated from Tri-Cities High School. She has always had a desire for helping others, specifically through healthcare. She attended Columbus State University, where she majored in Health Science, and then graduated to move forward to pursue a master’s degree in Public Health. Morgan is passionate about prevention and education, because “if you know better, you’ll do better!” She has spent countless hours educating and providing people of all ages and families in need access to health services and healthy nutrition programs. Morgan is passionate about healthy children, healthy parents and healthy families!

In her free time, Morgan enjoys spending her time with friends and family, reading and enjoys the outdoors. She also enjoys traveling, and seeing new cities and trying new foods.

Ashley Gello

Patient Care Coordinator

Ashley was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Coming from healthy and active parents, who made fresh, home-cooked meals every night, she found her passion for health and nutrition at a very young age. She worked as a medical assistant at an outpatient pediatric office, as well as a personal nanny for many years. It was through both of these jobs that she realized how much she enjoyed helping children and their parents through all aspects of their medical and social journey.  In between these two jobs, Ashley also went to school for nutrition, obtained her B.S. in Food Science and Nutrition.  She has a driving passion for working with children and moms, and for helping others to be proactive about their health and wellness.
Ashley is also a mom to a sweet baby boy, and in her spare time she enjoys going for walks with him and her dog, reading, and leading casual fitness classes for fellow mamas and young women.  She also loves traveling to new places and discovering new exotic foods!