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Pea Pod Lunch Box Meal Plans

Ensuring your child has healthy, well balanced and delicious meals while at school can be a challenge for many parents – especially parents of children with special dietary needs. Pea Pod’s Senior Dietitian has taken all the guess work out of creating healthy, creative and tasty meal plans for your family. The Pea Pod Lunch Box Meal Plans are affordably priced at just $2 per menu!
The Pea Pod Lunch Box Meal Plans includes:
20 healthy lunch menus
20 healthy snacks
30+ recipes in every meal plan
All for just $40


There are 8 meal plans to choose from including


Standard Diet                               Gluten Free                              Soy Free

Egg Free                                            Peanut Free                             Dairy Free

Vegan                                                 Vegetarian


There are two categories of meal plans to fit your needs

Ready to Eat

For schools that do not have a microwave or heat source for children to warm their food the Ready To Eat option has 20 creative lunch options to get you out of your peanut butter and jelly sandwich rut!

Ready to Heat

The Ready to Heat option is for schools that have a microwave or heat source available to students.

Multiple food allergies? Need a specialized meal plan and don’t see it here? No Problem! Special Order and Custom Meal Plans are available to fit your needs call us at 678-607-6052 or email us at to place your order. Special Orders are $79

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