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Mom & Baby Fitness Classes

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Pea Pod Nutrition and Lactation Support has partnered with Oh Baby! Fitness to provide exercise classes for our new moms.  Classes include:

  • H2Oh Baby Water Aerobics

This action-packed aqua class lets you exercise in the water with your baby at your side. Mom focuses on aerobic conditioning and muscle strengthening while baby has floating fun! Flotation seats are provided for babies

  • Mom and Baby Fitness

This class incorporates cardio, strength training for arms and legs and focused abdominal work. Baby is in a front carrier for the cardio and strength training portion of class. Your baby can be incorporated into the abdominal and floor exercises.

  • Mom and Baby Pilates

This class strengthens abdominal muscles, develops muscle strength and increases flexibility. Throughout the class, you’ll have the option of involving your baby in the movements or having your baby close to you on your mat. You don’t need previous Pilates experience to join this class.

  • Mom and Baby Yoga

This class focuses on postures and breathing techniques for Mom. Special attention is given to the realignment of your body – especially your tense shoulders and aching back.

  • Stroller Workout

It’s more than just a walk in the park.. this modified boot camp for Moms will give you an all over workout – arms, legs, abs and cardio.. and baby comes along in the stroller!