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Pea Pod Nutrition and Lactation Support’s On The Move program is divided into two main groups. The Families on the Move program and the Mamas on the Move program. Each one focuses on getting everyone in the family more physically active, bringing communities together and providing a safe space to talk about the joys and challenges of working toward a healthier lifestyle.

Families on The Move

Families On The Move is a support group for families participating in our Healthy Families Program  to connect in a supportive atmosphere while also getting a little exercise in. Groups meet throughout the community in both Fulton and Dekalb counties at local recreation centers and parks. Each group meets twice a month or more if the individual group desires! Groups are led by registered dietitians and Pea Pod certified Community Health Leaders.

Mamas on The Move

Mama’s on the Move is a program specifically for women who are currently pregnant or recently delivered within the last 3 months. Through a community partnership with OhBaby! Fitness this program provide prenatal exercise classes throughout the state of Georgia including prenatal fitness and toning, yoga, Pilates and water aerobics. Post-natal mother and baby classes are also available.


The Mamas on The Move Program is made possible by a generous donation and partnership with